Web Scraping Course: Scrape Website Data Without Coding by Rishabh Dev

Scrape Websites Without Coding

Start web scraping immediately with step-by-step tutorials. No coding needed. No paid tools necessary. Learn to scrape websites with me.

With this course, you will be able to...

  • Import data from a website to Excel sheets or Google Sheets
  • Automate scraping from websites with pagination
  • Quick web scrapes for tables and HTML
  • Scrape B2B and B2C lead information
  • Scrape mentions and social media handles
  • Scrape products from online catalogs

  • Scrape e-commerce website listings
  • Scrape company information
  • Scrape mobile numbers and email IDs
  • Scrape social media profiles and lead information
  • Scrape listing websites, directories, and marketplace platforms
  • Scrape search results from social media

Finally, a web scraping course that shows you exactly how to scrape data from websites, step-by-step, without coding.

  • No need to write any code
  • No need to buy expensive tools
  • No need to learn Python
  • Everything from your browser!
  • Scrape websites with me right away
  • Learn web scraping in a day

I saved $$$ by learning web scraping

I always knew how important web scraping is not just for the sales, marketing and lead generation process but also for research, analysis, content and platform building.

In fact, I could easily say it's one of the top skills I was spending money on as a growth marketer and entrepreneur by hiring "Python coders" and other "scraping experts".

More than the money, I spent a lot of time briefing them and waiting for the results I wanted - only to realize the amount of energy and time I had already wasted.

Some of the best scrapers I worked with billed anywhere between $50 to $150 per hour! And then I decide to develop this skill myself.. but without coding!

Data is the new oil

And there is a reason why data scraping from the web is such an expensive skill. That's because data is the ultimate resource of the digital economy. In fact, if you're here it means you have definitely heard "Data is the new oil".

Here's an article from Forbes magazine on why data is so precious and useful. I would like to point out to the heading there which calls Data the ultimate renewable resource.

And that's exactly what this course will give you access to: data from scraping multiple website databases.

The growing demand for Web Scraping

There has never been a dull year in the demand growth of the phrase "web scraping" on Google search.

And this shows why important it is to learn this skill. I first started web scraping in 2017 and launched an earlier version of this course in 2018.

Since then, it's become even more essential to have this as part of your primary skillset.

Web Scraping Course: Scrape Website Data Without Coding

Start web scraping fast with step-by-step tutorials. No coding needed. No paid tools necessary.
Scrape websites in a day!

You can use your new web scraping skill for...

  • Lead Generation
  • Listing Gathering
  • Email Address Gathering
  • B2B & B2C Data Scraping
  • Product Review Scraping
  • Scraping for Database Creation
  • Social Listening
  • Scraping for Research
  • Scraping for Blogging
  • User Sentiment Analysis

  • Competitor Data Scraping
  • Forum Scraping
  • Product Catalog Scraping
  • Social Media Scraping
  • Price Comparison Websites
  • Tracking Mentions and Reputation Management
  • SEO Tracking
  • Ad Targeting & Audience Creation
  • Directory Scraping

Here's what's inside the course

  • Step-by-step video lessons starting from scratch
  • Scraping methods anyone can use to scrape web data
  • Multiple scraping tools and how to use them without having to code
  • Each video lesson will teach you a new method of web scraping
  • In each lesson, you will be able to scrape more websites than you did in the last
  • The course is 100% actionable and the scraping level increases slowly with each lesson
  • Your web scraping skills will be better than a coder's as you will leverage more methods and tools than a coder

Join the tribe of web scrapers

Rishabh was very clear and precise about various web scraping concepts and tools. I really enjoyed learning about various aspects previously unknown to me. I was able to scrape websites along with the course.
Dharam Mehta
Great course: well structured, progressive, very clear, very spot on, advice and tools that can be applied to get immediate results and unlock new possibilities. Bravo! Can't wait to see what you have in store for your other courses :)

I can't believe web scraping can be so easy and amazing! I have no coding skills and I thought scraping was so hard. But you've really changed the game with this course. I'll be using this with the marketing hacks I've learnt from you.
Lakshmikanth Rokkam

Step-By-Step Approach ๐Ÿ†

What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 3 text files

Web Scraping Course Curriculum

About the Web Scraping course
Introduction to Web Scraping
6 mins
Web Scraping Methods
Scrape Email IDs from Text
7 mins
Scrape Email IDs from a Web Page
6 mins
Scrape marketplaces, directories, and listings website
16 mins
Scrape data for analysis or research
15 mins
Scrape search results from Social Media
11 mins
Scrape info of top companies (Part A)
13 mins
Scrape info of top companies (Part B)
12 mins
Scrape data from pagination in e-commerce websites
17 mins
Web Scraping Applications & Ideas
19 mins
More Web Scraping Hacks
Cheatsheet for Using Google Docs for Scraping Data (with templates)
50 KB
Using Google Docs for Scraping Data
10 mins
Scrape Mobile Numbers from Website or Text + Bonus Lead Generation Hack (PDF Guide)
295 KB
Scrape Social Media Usernames & Mentions Using Excel or Google Sheets (PDF guide)
503 KB
BONUS: Other Useful Tools

100% Actionable ๐Ÿ‘Œ


I have never scraped any website before. Will I able to scrape websites in a single day?

Absolutely yes. That's how this course is structured. In fact, you will start scraping along with me in the first tutorial itself. And then, we will raise the bar in each tutorial and run more complex scrapes in every lesson.

Do I need to buy some tools to scrape websites?

No, you don't. All the tools we will use in this course are free.

But I don't know how to code?

Me neither :) That's why I made this course. I wanted to help all non-coders to be able to scrape websites easily.

How long do I need to complete the course?

The total course video is under 2 hours to make sure to get the most value of your time. You will be scraping websites along with me so you'll be learning and executing at the same time. If you take your time to learn and follow the steps, you shouldn't need more than a weekend or a full day to complete a course.

Will I have lifetime access to the course content?

Yes! Not just to the content but you will also get lifetime updates made on the course.

Will I be able to scrape social media?

Yes, social media is one of the applications we will learn in this course. You can also use the methods you learn in the course to scrape other websites.

Will I be able to scrape ecommerce websites?

Yes, we will be scraping product listings from a ecommerce website in one of the lessons in the course. You can follow the same approach to scrape any ecommerce website you want.

Will I able to scrape websites in other languages?

Yes, all the scraping methods you will learn in this course are language-independent.

Are there any pre-requisites for taking the course?

No - Anyone can scrape websites with this course. I do recommend that you use Chrome as your browser as it's the easiest to run web scraping scripts from inside Chrome. But chances are, you are already using Chrome :)

About the Instructor

Rishabh Dev is a growth marketing consultant and trainer. He has trained over 15000 entrepreneurs and marketers through his courses. Rishabh has consulted 50+ startups to strategize and execute growth experiments in their marketing process. His first book โ€˜101 ways to grow your startupโ€™ is a bestseller and his online courses on marketing and growth are recommended or taken by teams at Oracle, National University of Singapore, NUMA, Java, Alcatel, Philips, Accenture, and more.

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