The SEO Hacking Course by Rishabh Dev
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The SEO Hacking Course

Dominate search engine rankings with my top SEO hacks.
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The Only SEO Course You'll Need to DOMINATE Organic Search Rankings.

The course has 30 lessons with ACTIONABLE SEO strategies and insights into the upcoming SEO trends. The syllabus covers SEO concepts and strategies, tips and training on optimizations for 2018, 10 SECRET SEO techniques, and a guide on measuring and reporting your SEO progress. 

Ready to 10x your organic traffic in 2018? 

Enroll now and get ahead of the curve with this course.


Who is this SEO course for?

You know this course is for YOU if: 
  • You want Google and your customers to discover your business online organically
  • You're a digital marketer looking to upgrade your skills to be future-ready
  • You're a small business owner or an entrepreneur looking for actionable SEO strategies
  • You're looking for better SEO career opportunities in 2018
  • You want to leave your competitors begging for clicks and organic traffic
  • You're an SEO freelancer or specialist and want to multiply your income in 2018
  • You want to learn how search engines work and what's changing in 2018
  • You want to learn the top 10 secret SEO techniques for 2018
  • You're a content writer and want to boost your content discoverability organically

What's the course syllabus?

The SEO mastery course syllabus is divided into 4 parts: 


You get to know me and the course, you get to know Google better and how she works, you get the big picture and the process, and the differences and relationships between SEO and SEM and Social media. Here we'll also learn about strategies that don't work for SEO anymore and factors which are very new. 


When we say Search Engine Optimization, we're referring to a collective set of optimisations of multiple elements. In this course, we'll focus on some of the new-age optimizations which will help us be 2018-ready like CTR, User Interaction Signals, Dwell Time, Video, Local & Maps, Voice Search Optimization, Site Speed, Context, and Mobile-First Optimizations. 


This part is focused on how you'll EXECUTE. We will learn my Top 10 unique SEO methods for 2018 including: 
  1. The Growth Marketer’s Keyword Research Method
  2. The Content Writer’s Context-Driven Method
  3. The Web Tester’s Broken-Links Method
  4. The Copywriter's CTR Boost Method
  5. The Growth Hacker's OPSR Method
  6. The PR Executive's Link Building Method
  7. The Designer’s Guest Infographic Method
  8. The Team Leader’s “RANK 0” Method
  9. The Entrepreneur’s Minimum Viable SEO Method
  10. The Visionary's Future-Proof SEO Method


This is where you'll learn how to MEASURE what you EXECUTED, how it worked, and how to improve it further. We will study how to measure SEO for 2018, how to perform Ranking fluctuation analysis, calculate on-page scores, Link building analysis, and other SEO growth metrics and success metrics.

What's included with the course?

The course also includes: 

✔ All 4 PARTS of the SEO Mastery syllabus listed above 
✔ A guide to new search trends and algorithms for 2018 
✔ The 6-STEP SEO framework for 2018 
✔ New Optimizations for 2018 including RankBrain, CTR, Dwell Time, Speed, Video Search, Voice Search, Local and Mobile Optimizations 
✔ Free excel and Google Sheet templates for SEO execution 
✔ Step-by-step framework for the 10 actionable secret SEO methods 
✔ Templates for measuring and reporting SEO rankings 
✔ Latest growth hacks for SEO 
✔ Free SEO tool recommendations 
✔ A 3-month free subscription to weekly SEO tips and techniques

What's included?

Text Icon 31 text files


P1L1. Introduction to the SEO Mastery Course
P1L2. How Search Rankings REALLY Work
P1L3. Top 3 Factors & The 3-Phase SEO GAMEPLAN
P1L4. The 6-STEP SEO Framework
P1L5. SEO & PPC: How to get the best of both worlds
P1L6. SEO & Social Media: How they can fuel each other
P1L7. Factors that are DEAD and Factors that are NEW
P2L1. Content Optimization
P2L2. RankBrain Optimization
P2L3. CTR Optimization
P2L4. Dwell Time Optimization
P2L5. Speed Optimization
P2L6. Video Search Optimization
P2L7. Local Search Optimization
P2L8. Voice Search Optimization
P2L9. Mobile-First Optimization
P3L1. The Growth Marketer’s Keyword Research Method
P3L2. The Content Writer’s Context Method
P3L3. The Web Tester’s Broken-Links Method
P3L4. The Copywriter's CTR Boost Method
P3L5. The Growth Hacker's OPSR Method
P3L6. The PR Executive's Link Building Method
P3L7. The Designer’s Guest Infographic Method
P3L8. The Team Leader’s “RANK 0” Method
P3L9. The Entrepreneur’s Minimum Viable SEO Method
P3L10. The Visionary's Future-Proof SEO Method
P4L1. Making SEO Measurable
P4L2. Growth Metrics for SEO
P4L3. The SEO Analytics Framework
P4L4. Final Note
Guide to Crawl Budget for SEO

Learn New-Age Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking

Exclusive first-mover courses and products for modern marketers and entrepreneurs. 


How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices. You will also receive a discount for the next course for upgrading your SEO skills for 2019. 

How is this course different from other SEO courses?

This is the first SEO course for 2018 and the only one which has 10 unique SEO methods which can help you rank organically and get results from your search optimization efforts as quickly as possible. It includes the latest trends and gets you 2018-ready for crushing it on search engines. 

Will I receive a certification?

Yes. You will receive a certification by Mapplinks Academy. The certification can be integrated with LinkedIn and you’ll also receive a certification widget to use for your email signature and showcase your SEO expertise. 

Let’s get started! 

Do you offer additional SEO services?

Yes. We have a digital marketing services company and a digital marketing academy called Mapplinks. You can learn more about our services on our official website

Do you offer an affiliate program?

We do have an affiliate program. If you’d like to join, please email us at You must be a student enrolled in the course to apply for the affiliate program. 

What are the prerequisites for SEO Course?

There are no specific prerequisites for this course. A prior understanding of basic SEO might help in increasing your learning speed for the first few lessons. Since this is a 2018 course, it’s new for both beginners and professionals. 

What is the format of the course?

The course consists of text lessons, along with email templates, worksheets, checklists, and calculators. The lessons include the exact emails you can use while executing the step-by-step SEO strategies explained in the course.

When does the course start and finish?

This SEO course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You will also get a subscription to ‘SEO Saturdays’ where you’ll receive emails with SEO tips each Saturday for the next 3 months for free. 

What if I have some questions about the lessons in the course?

You can add your comments to the lectures. You can also email us and send your questions. We will also add you to our secret Slack community where you can discuss the course content and any questions with other industry experts and course students. 

What is the structure of the course?

The course has 4 parts. Part 1 covers the SEO fundamentals & concepts and consists of 7 lessons. Part 2 covers the optimizations needed for 2018 in detail and consists of 9 lessons. Part 3 has 10 step-by-step SEO techniques you can use for 2018. Part 4 will deal with measuring and reporting SEO and consists of 4 lessons. There are a total of 30 lessons in the course.