Productivity & Digital Minimalism by Rishabh Dev

Productivity & Digital Minimalism

Be more productive with digital minimalism


This course will teach you work & life productivity using digital minimalism.

In this course, I've complied step-by-step video tutorials of all the tools I use to work at my highest productivity. 

I use these to manage multiple online businesses while traveling the world full-time and the tools and methods explained in this course help me get EXTREMELY HIGH OUTPUT with a small investment of time and effort!

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos


Quick Tour Of My Minimalistic Laptop
12 mins
How I Manage My Email & Always Have Inbox Zero
10 mins
My Task Management Framework for Getting Things Done
16 mins
How I Manage Everything In My Life & Work At One Place
19 mins
Quick Tour Of My Minimalistic Facebook
9 mins

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