Life Academy: Key Concepts for a Better Life by Rishabh Dev

Life Academy: Key Concepts for a Better Life

Self Improvement & Personal Development Series

What's included?

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Introduction to 'Life Academy'
On this Empty Existence
On Finding your Life Meaning
On Finding your Ikigai
On Experiences (And How they Differ from Bucket Lists)
On Change (and How to Invite Change)
On Naysayers (and How to Ignore Them)
On Micro-Achievements over Long Term Goals
On Building Life Systems
On Habits over To-do Lists
On Using Habits to Save Will Power
On Defining Habit Triggers
On Habit Coupling & Habit Stacking
On Using Temptation Bundles for Better Habits
On Compound Interest for Self Improvement
On Eliminating the Unnecessary
On Scheduling Distractions
On Walking 10,000 Steps Every Day
On Using 'Get' over 'Have' as a Neurohack
On the Value of Money (or Lack Thereof)
On Saving Money and Life Avoidance
On Frugality & Spending
On The Case for Self Employment
On Building a Small Army
On Choosing Independence Over Retirement
On Saving the Planet
On Accepting Things and People as they are
On Having No Regrets
On Being Indifferent to Where you live
On Eating to Live Not Living to Eat
On God
On Death

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