The Lean Web Scraping Course by Rishabh Dev

The Lean Web Scraping Course

Simple step-by-step videos to scrape data from the internet without any coding.
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Scrape data from any website without coding

In this course, you will learn how to scrape the internet without any coding IN LESS THAN A FEW HOURS!

You will be able to:
  1. Create web scraping workflows
  2. Scrape data from multiple pages with a single click
  3. Run multi-scraping tasks within your browser
  4. Import/Export useful data from any given website to Excel or Google Sheets
  5. Use the data scraping recipes to automate your data scraping process

Learn web scraping in just a few hours

If you think web scraping is like magic, you will be the magician with this course.

  • Anyone can scrape web data and profit from it
  • You don't have to code to scrape the internet
  • Each video lesson will teach you a new method of web scraping
  • In each lesson, you will be able to scrape more websites than you did in the last
  • At the end of the course, you'll be equipped to scrape any website you want
  • The course is 100% actionable and the scraping level increases slowly with each lesson
  • Your web scraping skills will be better than a coder's as you will leverage available methods and tools than a coder

Learn from scratch 📙

Immediate results & new possibilities 🚀

No BS 😎

100% Actionable 👌

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 3 text files


Course Videos
What is the Lean Web Scraping course?
L1. Introduction to Lean Web Scraping
6 mins
L2: Scrape Email IDs from Text
7 mins
L3. Scrape Email IDs from a Web Page
6 mins
L4: Scrape marketplaces to make your own listings website
16 mins
L5: Scrape data for analysis or research reports
15 mins
L6: Scrape search results from Social Media
11 mins
L7a: Scrape info of top companies in any industry (Part A)
13 mins
L7b: Scrape info of top companies in any industry (Part B)
12 mins
L8: Scrape data from pagination in e-commerce websites
17 mins
Bonus Lessons
L9,10,11: Using Google Docs for Scraping Data
10 mins
L9,10,11: Cheatsheet for Using Google Docs for Scraping Data.pdf
50 KB
L12: Scrape Mobile Numbers from Website or Text (+ Bonus Lead Generation Hack).pdf
295 KB
L13: Scrape Social Media Usernames & Mentions Using Excel or Google Sheets.pdf
503 KB
BONUS: Other Useful Tools

Here are many ways to use your new web scraping skills

  • Lead Generation
  • Listing Gathering
  • Email Address Scraping
  • Email Address Gathering
  • B2B & B2C Data Scraping
  • Product Review Scraping
  • Scraping for App Development
  • Scraping for Database Creation
  • Social Listening
  • Scraping for Research Data
  • Scraping for Blogging
  • Scraping for Analysis
  • Competitor Data Scraping
  • Scraping for User Sentiment Analysis
  • Scraping for Feedback Analysis
  • Forum Scraping
  • Product Catalog Scraping
  • Social Media Scraping
  • Scraping for Aggregator Creation
  • Scraping for Price Comparison Websites
  • Scraping for Risk Prevention
  • Reputation Management Scraping
  • SEO Scraping
  • Scraping for SEO Tracking
  • Scraping for Ad Targeting
  • Directory Scraping

If that's not enough, remember you can always build your own applications of web scraping.

Here's the secret:

DATA is expensive. Most BIG companies today are in the data business. Everyone is making profits off of data. Web scraping helps you gather, collect, and organize data from the internet which you can use for any of the above, or more, applications and uses.

This is probably the best skill you can build right now. And with this course, you can learn all of this in a single day.

See you in the course :)

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