Growth Hacking Mastery: The Complete Growth Hacking Course by Rishabh Dev
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Growth Hacking Mastery: The Complete Growth Hacking Course

The most EXTENSIVE and EXCLUSIVE course on growth hacking EVER CREATED.
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This MASTERCLASS is the most extensive and exclusive course you will find on growth hacking and it's perfect for Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Startup Teams, Product Teams, Analysts and anyone else who wants to learn creative ways to grow their business online. 

Who is this Masterclass for?
You know this course is for YOU if: 
  • You want to learn creative ways to grow your business online exponentially
  • You're a small business owner or an entrepreneur looking for actionable Growth Hacks
  • You're an analyst or a marketer looking to upgrade your skills to be future-ready
  • You're looking for better career opportunities in Digital Marketing or Growth
  • You want to outdo your competitors with massive growth 
  • You're a freelancer or specialist and want to multiply your income
  • You want to learn how growth hacking works and what's changing
  • You want to master the growth hacking techniques and skills 
  • You're a budding growth hacker and want to up-skill yourself 

What’s included in this Masterclass?
Apart from the extensive course material which is mention in the syllabus section below, this course also includes:
✔ Premium growth hacking workflows
✔ Premium growth hacking Ebooks included in the price
✔ Exclusive B2B and B2C Growth-Hacking case studies 
✔ Templates & calculators for experiments and analytics
✔ Ready scripts & codes to automate your growth hacks
✔ Free Growth hacking tool-kits and templates 
✔ Special discounts on all other courses & products
✔ Lifetime access to course updates and bonus course material

Why Growth Hacking?

Patience is not a virtue when it comes to startups and new-age marketers.
There are two core differences between businesses and startups — patience and budget. Businesses traditionally are known to take a strategic view of things with no immediate requirement for exponential growth. What they lose in the pace, they make up for by scale. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, do not have that luxury. They have to move fast.

Acceleration is key.
Huge budget requirements act as a major roadblock for startups. No amalgamation of traditional and digital channels is going to stop that. It's the duty of every good marketer to challenge the status quo and relentlessly explore new avenues. So, let's say traditional digital marketing is driven by PATIENCE and BIG ADVERTISING BUDGETS, the two things SMEs and startups don't have, which is a blessing in disguise, in my opinion. You can't lose what you don't have. The need to grow rapidly is an evolutionary requirement. In the absence of time and money, such marketers turn to growth hacking.

Growth hacking is the revolution in marketing.
With micro-implementations of cost-effective human-centric optimisations, startups and even big  businesses can achieve multi-fold growth. This is the need of the current market and is ever increasing with the advent of upcoming startups and new businesses looking to acquire, retain, and monetise their customers.

Companies want to hire growth leaders and technical marketers to achieve scale.
Growth requires a very specific skillset which is hard to find in product managers, digital marketers, or other roles. Investors look for growth hackers in a startup and the preference to startups with growth drivers is always increasing.

Traditional education fails to provide growth skills for the future.
Schools and colleges are still to catch up with modern skillset requirements. The focus on cost-effective micro-conversions to achieve scale has led to the creation of many methods, practices, and tools used by the new breed called “growth hackers”. At Mapplinks Academy, we decided to bridge this gap by creating the most extensive Growth Hacking Masterclass.

Why This Masterclass?

We've designed this Masterclass to teach you the only Growth Hacking Process used by 100+ companies including startups, major accelerators, and corporates. We've designed this process based on successful growth hacking campaigns working with all these companies through our award-winning digital growth agency.  We've improved the process with each execution cycle and this masterclass brings you the most tested and robust growth hacking process that was never available to businesses before this.

The Most Extensive Masterclass

The Core Syllabus of the Masterclass covers everything right from 'Creating a Business Model' to 'Running a Successful, Repeatable, and Scalable Growth Hacking Campaign'. No prerequisites or assumptions.

The Only REAL Growth Hacking Course

A lot of online courses just teach you the hacks which is not really growth hacking education. You become a Growth Hacker only when you can master the growth hacking process. This is the last growth hacking course you will ever need.

The Most Process-Oriented Masterclass

It's not just about the hacks. In this Masterclass, you'll first master the mindset, then the process, and then learn the hacks. Moreover, with this masterclass, you'll be able to make your own hacks.

The ONLY Process Used by 100+ Companies

Our growth hacking process which you'll learn in this Masterclass has been used by award-winning marketing agencies, over 60 startups, the biggest accelerators, and even the big brands like Philips, Puma, and Microsoft successfully. 
Putting things in process is what makes growth hacking really scalable and repeatable.
There is a misconception that growth hacking is for quick results. Though that is not entirely false - and growth hacking does promise quick results -  it should be noted that the results from growth hacking can be scaled and repeated for long-term gains. And these results are unlike digital marketing - where you get results only until you keep putting in cash into the ad funnel or content into your organic marketing channels.
Growth Hacking is about making the process work for you.


Really a Growth Hacking Masterclass. Get on it now! ~ Head of Marketing Strategy at Tech Mahindra
Malhar Barai
The REAL growth hacking masterclass by the REAL growth hacker. ~ Top Digital Marketer of India, Runs one of the top Digital Marketing Blogs.
Deepak Kanakraju
I know this term is thrown around a lot, but here's a TRUE GROWTH HACKER. Get on this right now. ~ Head Marketing & Community
Abhash Kumar

What's included?

Video Icon 38 videos File Icon 24 files Text Icon 26 text files


P1L0. How to Take this Masterclass
P1L1. The Business Model Canvas
P1R0. Business Model Canvas - Template & Examples.xlsx
33.4 KB
P1L2. The Product-Market Fit
P1L3. The Minimal Viable Product
P1L3(ext). MVP Canvas & Examples - Mapplinks Academy.xlsx
17.4 KB
P1L4. Digital Marketing Fundamentals
17 mins
P1L5. Digital Marketing vs. Growth Hacking
9 mins
P1L5(ext). Deep Dive Further - Digital Marketing vs Growth Hacking
P1L6. Creating Channel Personas
11 mins
P1R1. Channel Persona Questionnaire - Template.xlsx
145 KB
P1R2. A Complete Guide to Channel Personas.pdf
103 KB
P2L0. A Sneak Peek of my Growth Hacking Dashboard
5 mins
P2L1. The Growth Hacking Triangle
11 mins
P2L2. What is Growth Hacking?
6 mins
P2L3. The Rules of Growth Hacking
31 mins
P2L4. The Growth Hacking Funnel
10 mins
139 KB
P2R0. Complete Guide to the A3R3 Funnel for Startup Growth.pdf
177 KB
P2L5: The Growth Hacking Process
16 mins
P2R1. The Growth Hacking Process Reference
75.1 KB
P2L6. Growth Hacking Terminology (Set 1)
12 mins
P2R2. Growth Hacking Terms Set 1.pdf
62.6 KB
P2L7. Growth Hacking Terminology (Set 2)
6 mins
P2R3. Growth Hacking Terms Set 2.pdf
40 KB
P2L8. Growth Hacking Terminology (Set 3)
25 mins
P2R4. Growth Hacking Terms Set 3.pdf
84.3 KB
P2L9. Questions to Ask Before Growth Hacking Execution
9 mins
P2R5. Growth Hacking Questionnaire - Requirement Gathering Template.xlsx
145 KB
P3L0. Growth Hacking in Practice
P3R0. My Growth Hacking Process - Visual Guide.pdf
1.12 MB
P3L1. Introduction to the Growth Hacking Execution Template
8 mins
P3L2. User Personas for Growth Hacking Execution
10 mins
P3L3. Channel Persona Template for Growth Hacking Execution
19 mins
P3L4. Growth Hacking Phase 1: Pre-GH
18 mins
P3R1. Growth Hacking MasterSheet Template - Phase 1.xlsx
244 KB
P3L5. The Five Phases of Growth Hacking Campaign Execution
19 mins
P3L6. Growth Hacking Phase 2: IDEATION
16 mins
P3L7. Growth Hacking Phase 3 - EXPERIMENTS
11 mins
P3R2. Growth Hacking MasterSheet Template - Phase 1,2,3.xlsx
252 KB
P3L8. Calculating the ICE Score
10 mins
P3L8(ext). How to assign the I, C, E values for ICE score calculation
P3R3. ICE Score Calculator & Questionnaire.xlsx
198 KB
P3L9. The Growth Hacking EXECUTION Phase
31 mins
P4L1. How to Deep Dive into Analytics & Scale Your Growth Campaigns
18 mins
P4L2. The CDA Reference for Entrepreneurs and Marketers
24 mins
P4R1. The CDA Reference for Marketers & Entrepreneurs.xlsx
49.8 KB
P4L3. How to Improve Your Growth Hacking Ideation
P4L4. How to Improve Your Growth Hacking Execution
P4L5. How to Improve Your Growth Hacking Analytics
P4R2. Growth Hacking Process Improvements Reference Guide.pdf
86 KB
T1. Growth Hacking: The Mindset
29 mins
T2. Growth Hacker vs Digital Marketer: The Real Difference
17 mins
T3. On Offbeat Growth Channels - Part 1
21 mins
T4. On Offbeat Growth Channels - Part 2
14 mins
D1. Growth Hacking Discussion with Lakshmi Narayan of Awake Media
39 mins
D2. Growth Hacking Discussion with Petter Erik Nyvoll
55 mins
H1-10. Top Ten Hacks from the Growth Hacking Daily series
23 mins
H11. How to Use ‘Google My Business’ to 10x Local Search Traffic
H12. How I scheduled meetings with 100+ decision makers in 30 days on a zero budget
H13. 10x the engagement on your LinkedIn Shares
3 mins
H14. 10x the engagement on your Facebook Shares
3 mins
H15. Show up on top search results using OPSRs
8 mins
H16. Side Projects as a Growth Hack - Think Outside the Blog
12 mins
H16(VisualGuide). Why Side Project Marketing?
2.04 MB
H16(Note). Getting Started with Side Project Marketing
H16(Resource). Ultimate List of Side Project Ideas & Revenue Streams.xlsx
57 KB
H17. Zero-Budget Sales Hacking for Scheduling Meetings with Decision Makers
108 KB
H18. SEO Hacking to 10x Local Search Traffic Organically
377 KB
H19 - H39. 20 Actionable Growth Hacks for 2020.pdf
8.05 MB
Q1. How do you know if a so called growth hacker is for real and worth it?
Q2. What are the best examples of Growth Hacking?
Q3. What are the steps needed for growth hacking?
Q4. How to get quick traffic boost for a startup ecommerce website with no budget for advertising?
Q5. How long should my Facebook growth experiment / test campaign be?
Q6. What are your top 5 actionable tips for content distribution hacks?
Q7. What is the difference between a Growth Experiment and a Growth Hack? (Video Q&A)
3 mins
Q8. What channels should my business be on? (Video Q&A)
3 mins
Q9. How do I get influencers to share my content? (Video Q&A)
3 mins
Q10. What are the limitations of growth hacking?
Q11. What are the skills required to do growth hacking? Can any startup do this? Or does it need specialists?
Q12. I've just started on my journey with growth hacking. I would love to know how did you pick this field?
Q13. How are Growth Hacking activities different from Marketing and Sales activities?
Q14. Please explain 'Channel Personas' with an example?
Q15. What do you think can be done to grow communities after they have crossed the initial establishment phase?
Q16. How does Growth Hacking works for a business like EdTech Company which has offline component to it.
Q17. What advice you can give to the one who hasn't launched yet?
Q18. What would you say are the best growth hacks you have seen to promote a mobile app?

Become an elite marketer, grow your business & boost your productivity.

Exclusive, premium content on growth marketing, entrepreneurship, and productivity to get the most of your life and work 🏆


How is this course different from other Growth Hacking courses?

This is the most EXTENSIVE and EXCLUSIVE growth hacking course ever created. It is focused on the process and the mindset, not just the hacks. And that's what makes a real growth hacker. Read our post here to learn more about how we differentiate real growth hackers from regular marketers. 

This course is perfect for Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Startup Teams, Product Teams, Analysts and anyone who want to master the art and mindset of Growth-Hacking, and learn creative ways to grow their business online. 

Will I receive a certification?

Yes. You will receive a certification by Mapplinks Academy. The certification can be integrated with LinkedIn and you’ll also receive a certification widget to use for your email signature and showcase your Growth Hacking expertise. 
Let’s get started! 

When does the course start and finish?

This is a self-paced online course. You can take it at your convenience. We recommend that you make a schedule that's most convenient for you. 

What if I have some questions about the lessons in the course?

We've added a BONUS: Q&A section on the course to showcase the top Questions and Answers other students have asked us on Growth Hacking. You can find answers to most of your questions there. If you have a questions which you cannot find the answer to in the section, feel free to email it to Rishabh and he'll answer it for you. You will find his email address inside the course. 

What are the prerequisites for the Growth Hacking Masterclass?

There are no specific prerequisites for this course. This course covers everything right from creating your business model canvas to running successful growth hacking experiments and tracking your metrics.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.