Growth Hacking Fundamentals Course by Rishabh Dev

Growth Hacking Fundamentals Course

Learn Growth Hacking for FREE.


Learn the Growth Hacking Process and Get Certified.

  • Are you an entrepreneur or marketer looking to learn growth hacking? 
  • Are you tired of every growth hacking course talking about tools and hacks, but not about the process behind growth hacking? 
  • Maybe you’re looking to grow your business, but aren’t flush with cash? 

The Growth Hacking fundamentals course spans around 8 Lessons covering Growth Hacking Terms, Concepts, Strategies, Tools, and all you need to get you ahead on your Growth Hacking journey. 

Enroll now and become a certified Growth Hacker.

Why Growth Hacking?

Why do you I need to learn Growth Hacking?

  • Do you like spending huge marketing budgets to acquire new customers? 
  • Do you think the people on whom you are spending these huge marketing budgets are exactly the right fit for your product and business? 

If your answer is no, then you have got your reasons. 

This course would serve as your holy grail to help you deep dive and create the mindset for those “perfect growth hacks” you’ve been looking for! 

For Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Who is the course for?
  • You do not have big marketing budgets to spend or you want to grow quickly without too much advertising,
  • You are a startup who want to find your product market fit and looking for ways to experiment and find the right audience to market to,
  • You are a digital marketer who wants to achieve results faster with less budgets or improve your digital marketing ROI,
  • You want to build a niche marketing skill: the hottest skill of the future You want to get new customers but just don’t know how,
  • You want to grow your startup with fewer resources and without an extensive, wasteful, ad-dependant, slow digital marketing team.

Why this course?

What’s special about this course?

Growth hacking has always been portrayed in a wrong light and this is because of the way it is being showcased in the “growth hacking” courses that you have been doing till now which is all about the shortcuts and the tricks and never about the growth mindset, frameworks and processes.

The Growth Hacking Fundamentals course covers all for this. And it's offered for FREE. 

We think REAL growth hacking education should be available to all without a fee. Our goal is to bridge the gap in our ecosystem between real and 'fake' growth hackers. The only thing that can fill this gap is education.

This course is divided into 8 lessons. It’s all actionable, hands-on, and EXECUTION-READY!: 

  • Growth Hacking Concepts
  • 10 Commandments of Growth Hacking
  • Growth Hacking Glossary 
  • Actionable Growth Hacking Workflows
  • The Growth Hacking Process
  • How to Prioritize Your Growth Hacking Campaigns
  • Rules of Growth Hacking Execution
  • Growth Hacking Analytics
  • Growth Hacking Next Steps

What's included?

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Growth Hacking Basics Certification
Growth Hacking Course: Introduction
Lesson 1: Growth Hacking Explained!
Lesson 2: 10 Commandments of Growth Hacking
Lesson 3: Things Growth Hackers Say
Lesson 4: Actionable Growth Hacking Workflows
Lesson 5: The Growth Hacking Process
Lesson 6: How to Prioritise Your Growth Hacking Campaigns?
Lesson 7: Rules for Growth Hacking Execution
Lesson 8: Growth Hacking Analytics
Growth Hacking: What Next?
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