Free Digital Minimalism Series: Become a Digital Minimalist by Rishabh Dev
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Free Digital Minimalism Series: Become a Digital Minimalist

Be more productive with digital minimalism
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This course will teach you how to work & live productivity using digital minimalism.

In this course, I've complied step-by-step video tutorials of all the tools I use to work at my highest productivity. I use these to manage multiple online businesses while traveling the world full-time and the tools and methods explained in this course help me get EXTREMELY HIGH OUTPUT with a small investment of time and effort.

Impacting lives

I wanted to express my gratitude on how well Rishabh Dev's Digital Minimalism course has been in my life. I mean, I've used it to take away all the noise in my life and it honestly had cleaned up the chaotic people with it (I think they can feel my inflexibilities when it comes to how my time is now being selective in its usage). I digress, the above statement is just the results of me using the methods Rishabh listed in his Digital Minimalism course - super bite-size with massive impact.
Joyce Valenzuela

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos


Minimalist Macbook
12 mins
Minimalist Email + Inbox Zero
10 mins
Minimalist Task Management + Getting Things Done
16 mins
Minimalist Facebook
9 mins
Minimalist Life & Work Management
19 mins
Minimalist Distraction-Free Chrome
12 mins
Minimalist Travel Tracker
16 mins

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