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Posted on: February 12, 2020

Hey there,

It's time for the monthly update on my top growth hacks. Here's the Feb 2020 edition list:

Hack #1: Leverage Engagement Pods
Join real engagement pods for YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn over Automated Engagement Pods to boost your engagement with real people of similar interest groups or affinity interest groups.

Hack #2: Convert Mentions to Links
Convert mentions to links by finding who's mentioned you or your product online but hasn't given you a link back. In some cases, if the discussion if on forums, you can add the link as a response after thanking the mention.

Hack #3: Free Upgrade in Exchange for Referrals
If you have a premium version of your product, offer a free upgrade for a month in exchange for new referrals from the user to the free version of the product. This keeps the user happy and rewarded while growing your list.

Hack #4: Remove Image Backgrounds Automatically
Use the free tool at to remove image backgrounds. I found this very useful for my campaign designs and newsletters for my clients. This option is also available in Canva Pro.

Hack #5: Extract ProductHunt Upvoters
There are hunters, and then there are upvotes. I've talked about finding hunters in my 30 growth hacks series and you can follow a similar process to export all upvoters of certain categories of products giving you a database of twitter handles you can outreach to check out your new product launch.

Hack #6: A/B Test Your Competitor's Landing Pages
This hack lets you get the best of the best of the best. Your competitors have already been doing A/B testing on their landing pages (if they're any good). For your next landing page, just take 4 of your competitor's landing pages, make minor edits to content, add your logo and branding, and A/B test them against each other to sell your product or service of course!

Hack #7: Add a Countdown to Your Landing Pages
Make your offers expire. Model Udemy for this. The way Udemy promotes courses or Amazon offers special pricing if ordered within a certain time duration. Using any of these tactics, include a countdown timer on your landing page to create urgency.

On that note, don't forget the 30% discount on 30 Growth Hacks Season 3 ends in the next 24 hours!

Here are the hacks I teach in the new series with step-by-step video tutorials:
  •  Day 1: Amazon Marketplace & KDP Hack (8 mins watch)
  •  Day 2: Messenger Drip Automation Hack with 90%+ Open Rates (22 mins watch)
  •  Day 3: How to Generate Local Business Leads (18 mins watch)
  •  Day 4: Get on the 1st Page of Google in 48 Hours for Lead Generation (10 mins watch)
  •  Day 5: The Best High-CPA Ad Replacement Hack (12 mins watch)
  •  Day 6: How to Pull off Authority exchange with indirect competition (7 mins watch)
  •  Day 7: The Best B2B Prospecting Email Hack (11 mins watch)
  •  Day 8: How to Leverage Other Brands for your Marketing & PR (9 mins watch)
  •  Day 9: How to 3x conversation rates using micro-commitments (8 mins watch)
  •  Day 10: How to Use Conversations to Boost Conversions (9 mins watch)
  •  Day 11: How to Convert LinkedIn views to Business Deals (9 mins watch)
  •  Day 12: How to Generate Automated Prospecting Lists from Social Media Posts (6 mins watch)
  •  Day 13: One Secret Backlink to Push your Website on the First Page of Google (6 mins watch)
  •  Day 14: How to get Email IDs from Any Online Community or Group (9 mins watch)
  •  Day 15: How to Double the Open and Click Rates on your Emails (9 mins watch)
  •  Day 16: Get Meetings with Consultants and Professionals to Pitch your Product or Service (8 mins watch)
  •  Day 17: How to go Trending on ProductHunt Using OPNs (9 mins watch)
  •  Day 18: Step-by-Step Hacks to Get the Perfect Headline (8 mins watch)
  •  Day 19: Convert Listicles to Lead Gen Magnets to Fill Your Marketing Funnel (8 mins watch)
  •  Day 20: How to Integrate Your Live Chat on Other People's Websites! (7 mins watch)
  •  Day 21: How to Get email ID lists from LinkedIn (6 mins watch)
  •  Day 22: How to Get actionable Product Feedback from Reddit (6 mins watch)
  •  Day 23: How to Design Free App Mockups & Improve Conversions (6 mins watch)
  •  Day 24: The Simplest A/B Testing tool to Split Traffic (7 mins watch)
  •  Day 25: How to Get PR and visibility on the Top Tech Websites (7 mins watch) + List of 3850+ Tech Journalists with Email IDs for PR Outreach.xlsx (Free resource included)
  •  Day 26: How to Find the Perfect Hashtags & Generate Custom Hashtag Lists (3 mins watch)
  •  Day 27: How to Convert Text to Mini Videos for Social Media in 2 Mins (6 mins watch)
  •  Day 28: How to Leverage Trending Topics with this Free Tool (7 mins watch)
  •  Day 29: How to Leverage your Digital Footprint for Collaborations (7 mins watch)
  •  Day 30: The Ultimate LinkedIn Growth Hacking Workflow (11 mins watch)

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