Top 5 resources from October 2019 ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Posted on: October 25, 2019

As part of Mapplinks Academy and Growthnation, I'm sharing this month's best digital growth tools and resources with you below:

1. LinkedIn Growth Pod
We launched the Growthnation LinkedIn pod as a WhatsApp group and generated 100 average engagement and 10,000 average views per member per post in the first week! No matter where you are in your LinkedIn marketing journey, you can join our pod if you have atleast 500 connections on LinkedIn and a complete profile. Just message me on Whatsapp at +919945199792 and I'll add you in!

2. Schedule Instagram Posts from Web
The Preview app, which helps you plan and schedule your Instagram posts, is now available on Web. (launched around 4 hours ago!) This is great for those who design on Web using tools like Canva as you don't need to transfer the files to your phone or download them again from your device anymore.

3. Website Analysis using RYTE
Ryte is a great tool to do quick website analysis and fix issues. It is highly recommended by Yoast and lets you run a free report too. Run the report on your website here.

4. 101 Ways to Generate Leads
The '101 ways to generate leads' book is now live. You can download it here. Use code 'GROWTHNATION' to get 30% off or just use this link directly. You can also read the first 30 lead generation channels for free on my blog.

5. FU Money
This week, I read FU Money by Dan Lok. An amazing book explaining the FU Money mindset. FU Money is the amount of money you need to have to say FU to anyone you want - including your boss. This is the financial state you want to be in where you don't really need to take sh*t from anyone. I loved reading this one and I'm happy to share the PDF version of the book with you. Here's the link to read it (shared with Dan's permission).

Hope you enjoyed this week's round-up! If you want these updates in real-time and get the inside conversations, make sure you join the Growthnation Facebook community.

Have a great weekend again!

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