Top 3 networking ideas with email templates ๐Ÿ“ง

Posted on: August 14, 2019

Networking is essential to business success.

In this post, I will share my top 3 networking emails I generally use along with email templates of each:

1. Network with industry leaders

You can reach out to industry leaders for advice or feedback. This could be career advice or feedback on your latest work. Here's an email template I use:

Subject: Reaching out for feedback

Hello David,

My name is Rishabh Dev and I came across your profile on LinkedIn looking for fellow growth hackers. I noticed you're handling the growth initiatives at Sun Microsystems and you previously worked with an accelerator program. There aren't many people who have had such a unique combination of experiences at established companies as well as high-growth startups.

I've recently published my first book titled '101 Ways to Grow Your Startup' and I would love to send a copy of the same to you for your valuable feedback and inputs. Please let me know the email address where I can send this across.


2. Follow up after a networking event

Connect with people you've met in a networking event as early as you can. The later you approach them, the more the chances that you'll have to start over. Here's an email I use:

Subject: We met today at the Hive lunch

Hi Ron,

I hope you're doing great. We met at the hive lunch earlier today where we talked about your role at HP. I'm currently managing Mapplinks Academy and training entrepreneurs and marketers through my courses and books.

You mentioned how HP's management is taking a keen look at growth strategies used by startups and that you'll like to have a small workshop for your team on lean and agile marketing methods. I would be happy to share this knowledge with the team at HP. I'm enclosing my calendar and request you to pick the dates most feasible for you and the team.


3. Get contributions or feedback from a blogger or influencer

Use contributions from bloggers and influencers to grow your business. Here's an email I use:

Subject: Intro+collaboration

Hi Amanda,

I found your writing through your post on Medium on how to travel the world while working remotely. That led me to your blog and it's an amazing resource - Great to see you creating content on such a consistent basis. I recently started an online travel magazine called NomadNation and would love to have you as a contributor and author on the same. 

I'm also offering $50-$100 per contribution to the magazine as a thank you token of appreciation for the same. Also, If you have any feedback or general thoughts on how I can improve the magazine, that would be so appreciated!

Thank you!

These 3 are really high return email networking methods that can help you grow your business.

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