Masterclass Structure

The Masterclass is divided into:
A. The Core Syllabus
B. The Talk Series
C. The Hacks
D. The Q&As

Core Syllabus

Further, the core syllabus has 4 parts:
Part 2: LEARN

All the parts above will have 2 kinds of content: Lessons and Resources. Lessons are video or text based and the resources are mostly PDFs or worksheets.

Other Sections

Sections after the core syllabus are as follows:
  • After the core syllabus, you can find lecture-style talks under the 'TALK SERIES' section.  
  • The next section has actionable Hacks called 'THE HACKS' section to give inspiration for your growth hacking ideas and examples to test what you've learnt by executing them for your business. 
  • The last section is the 'Q&A' section where the questions of your fellow masterclass members are answered. 


You can send in your questions anytime to In your questions, do mention the index of the lesson or resource or talk or hack you're asking about.

Reference Markers

Every element of the Masterclass has a reference marker.
  • The reference markers for lessons start with P1L0 / P2L0 / P3L0 or P4L0. 
  • The resource references have the same starting index i.e. starting at P1R0 / P2R0 / P3R0 / P4R0 depending on which Part you're referring to.
  • Under the 'TALK SERIES' sections, there are 2 markers: T1 onwards and D1 onwards. 'T' referring to Talks and 'D' for Discussions. 
  • 'THE HACKS' and 'Q&A' section markers start and H1. and Q1. respectively.
These markers are used within the other lessons as references so it's easy for you to follow the course.

Order of Study

The core syllabus is to be taken in the same order in which it is presented.

There may be certain lessons or resources which you already have with you - in which case you can skip them.

The Talk Series (T. and D. series) can be watched at any time - before, during, or after the core syllabus.
> Use them when you just feel like listening to a lecture or to break from the core syllabus when you wish.

The Hacks (H. series) can be learnt at any time before, during, or after the core syllabus.
> Use them as execution examples while going through the core syllabus.

You should go through the Q&A series at the end of the entire masterclass and when you have a question, you can see if the answer is already posted there.

Start by taking the first lesson P1L1. You can find the link just below this text on the bottom right.

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