Collection Of Content Marketing Checklists by Rishabh Dev
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Collection Of Content Marketing Checklists

Everything you need for your content marketing process
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About the collection

  • A collection of the most useful content marketing checklists for your content planning, publishing, as well as promotion. 
  • The checklists are included in both worksheet as well as print format. 
  • You can print the PDF version and use it on your desk or workplace for easy reference.

P.S. This collection will be updated once every few months so don't forget to get the latest copy from your dashboard.

List of Checklists

  1. Master Pre-Publishing Checklist
  2. Checklist of Content Publishing Platforms & Channels 
  3. Checklist for Publishing on WordPress
  4. Checklist for Publishing on Medium
  5. Essential Checklist for Content Promotion
  6. Checklist of Ways to Repurpose and Redistribute Content 
  7. Checklist of Content Types for Lead Generation 
  8. Checklist of Infographic Submission sites with DA
  9. Newsletter and Email Marketing Checklist for Content Promotion
  10. Content Idea Generation Checklist 
  11. Content Readability Checklist
  12. Content and Blogs to Video Checklist
  13. Content Promotion Master Checklist 

More to be added soon.

What's included?

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The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklists Collection - PRINT VERSION.pdf
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The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklists Collection - WORKSHEET VERSION.xlsx
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