The Book of 25 Growth Hacks by Rishabh Dev
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The Book of 25 Growth Hacks

Top proven hacks for B2B & B2C businesses
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This growth hacking playbook contains 25 proven growth hacking workflows
Most of the growth hacks can be implemented on a ZERO BUDGET and are applicable for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Our clients have generated over $10,000 in the first 3 weeks of execution with these growth hacks.

  • Successfully tested growth experiments with various kinds of businesses
  • Growth Hacking workflows applicable for both B2B and B2C businesses
  • Most of the growth hacks can be implemented with Zero Investment
  • Generated over $10,000 in the first 3 weeks of execution of these hacks
  • They cost less than $1 per workflow with a limited time offer of $19 for 25 hacks

Here's the list of growth hacks you'll get inside this book:

Growth Hack #1: Show up in search results on the top search result pages for specific keywords
Growth Hack #2: Generate highly-qualified unlimited leads using your competitor’s support queries on Twitter
Growth Hack #3: Content marketing, social proofing, branding and lead generation through Micro-Influencer Marketing on Instagram
Growth Hack #4: Build a scalable lead generation framework with Side-Project Marketing
Growth Hack #5: Getting to the decision makers of businesses through their own drip campaigns
Growth Hack #6: Use Other People’s APIs for scalable automated content curation
Growth Hack #7: Increase blog & Content Engagement by 60% using 10-minute video creation & publishing
Growth Hack #8: Get PR for your startup or business by directly connecting to the right journalists
Growth Hack #9: Post your guest blogs to the top 10 publications on the Internet
Growth Hack #10: Simplest trick to gain highly-relevant prospects Using Twitter Advanced Search
Growth Hack #11: Finding content topics which will work and generating leads from the content created using Quora
Growth Hack #12: Get huge lead databases based on companies using a specific technology (Example: Magento, WordPress, Shopify, etc)
Growth Hack #13: Gain your first 5000 genuine Instagram followers
Growth Hack #14: Use Torrents and Free Distribution websites to Sell your Products
Growth Hack #15: SEO Hacking Workflow to Rank on Google within weeks for your keywords
Growth Hack #16: Increase Visitor to Conversion Ratio of Website Traffic
Growth Hack #17: The best to get content shares from Influencers without paying them
Growth Hack #18: Simple Trick to Increase Blog to Social Media Conversions
Growth Hack #19: Increase followers and email subscribers using this social media contest workflow
Growth Hack #20: Scrape the email IDs from any website for specific keywords and fill your email funnel
Growth Hack #21: Generate engaged leads using public Slack channels
Growth Hack #22: Generate an automated lead outreach using Twitter
Growth Hack #23: How to Reach 100% of your Facebook Page Fans to take some action for your business
Growth Hack #24: Automate your Social Media Content Calendar and Curate content on Autopilot
Growth Hack #25: Make your own free email course for brand building, lead generation, lead nurturing, and conversions!

Grab the ebook and start executing!

Follow the step-by-step guides for each growth hack. In case of any questions on growth hacking or execution from the ebook, feel free to email

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