The Book of 25 Growth Hacks by Rishabh Dev

The Book of 25 Growth Hacks


This growth hacking playbook contains 25 proven growth hacking workflows
Most of the growth hacks can be implemented on a ZERO BUDGET and are applicable for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Our clients have generated over $10,000 in the first 3 weeks of execution with these growth hacks.

  • Successfully tested growth experiments with various kinds of businesses
  • Growth Hacking workflows applicable for both B2B and B2C businesses
  • Most of the growth hacks can be implemented with Zero Investment
  • Generated over $10,000 in the first 3 weeks of execution of these hacks
  • They cost less than $1 per workflow with a limited time offer of $19 for 25 hacks

Here's the list of growth hacks you'll get inside this book:

Growth Hack #1: Show up in search results on the top search result pages for specific keywords
Growth Hack #2: Generate highly-qualified unlimited leads using your competitor’s support queries on Twitter
Growth Hack #3: Content marketing, social proofing, branding and lead generation through Micro-Influencer Marketing on Instagram
Growth Hack #4: Build a scalable lead generation framework with Side-Project Marketing
Growth Hack #5: Getting to the decision makers of businesses through their own drip campaigns
Growth Hack #6: Use Other People’s APIs for scalable automated content curation
Growth Hack #7: Increase blog & Content Engagement by 60% using 10-minute video creation & publishing
Growth Hack #8: Get PR for your startup or business by directly connecting to the right journalists
Growth Hack #9: Post your guest blogs to the top 10 publications on the Internet
Growth Hack #10: Simplest trick to gain highly-relevant prospects Using Twitter Advanced Search
Growth Hack #11: Finding content topics which will work and generating leads from the content created using Quora
Growth Hack #12: Get huge lead databases based on companies using a specific technology (Example: Magento, WordPress, Shopify, etc)
Growth Hack #13: Gain your first 5000 genuine Instagram followers
Growth Hack #14: Use Torrents and Free Distribution websites to Sell your Products
Growth Hack #15: SEO Hacking Workflow to Rank on Google within weeks for your keywords
Growth Hack #16: Increase Visitor to Conversion Ratio of Website Traffic
Growth Hack #17: The best to get content shares from Influencers without paying them
Growth Hack #18: Simple Trick to Increase Blog to Social Media Conversions
Growth Hack #19: Increase followers and email subscribers using this social media contest workflow
Growth Hack #20: Scrape the email IDs from any website for specific keywords and fill your email funnel
Growth Hack #21: Generate engaged leads using public Slack channels
Growth Hack #22: Generate an automated lead outreach using Twitter
Growth Hack #23: How to Reach 100% of your Facebook Page Fans to take some action for your business
Growth Hack #24: Automate your Social Media Content Calendar and Curate content on Autopilot
Growth Hack #25: Make your own free email course for brand building, lead generation, lead nurturing, and conversions!

Grab the ebook and start executing!

Follow the step-by-step guides for each growth hack. In case of any questions on growth hacking or execution from the ebook, feel free to email

What's included?

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