101 Ways to Generate Leads by Rishabh Dev

101 Ways to Generate Leads

A collection of offbeat lead generation channels, tools and hacks

What's included?

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101 Ways to Generate Leads - A Collection of Lead Generation Growth Hacks.pdf
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What's inside?

101 ways to generate leads is a handbook of lead generation tools, channels, and hacks you probably haven't explored yet. These are low-investment, high-growth ways to generate leads for your startup or business, compiled over the past 8 years by Rishabh Dev, startup growth hacker and Director of Mapplinks Academy. 

101 Proven Lead Generation Hacks

All the channels, tools, and methods listed in this book have been tried and tested by Rishabh either for his own business or for the startups he consults on growth and new-age marketing. After going through this book, you should have a list of channels and lead generation hacks to execute and fill your lead funnel without relying on slow SEO and expensive Advertising.

Fill Your Lead Funnel without SEO or Ads

The 101 hacks in the book are easy to implement, don’t need huge ad budgets or a long time working on SEO and get scalable results rapidly. The idea of sharing 101 hacks is to make sure you have a big checklist of lead generation methods by the time you finish reading the book which is 100% actionable and execution-ready for your own business.

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