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What is New-Age Digital Marketing?

It's time to think BEYOND Digital Marketing. New-Age Digital Marketing uses alternative methods for digital growth using rapid experimentation & lean, agile execution. 

New-Age Digital Marketing is all about:
🏄🏻‍♂️ Lean Methodologies
🎯 Experiment-Driven Growth
🏆 Offbeat Channels & Methods

Learn & Master Growth Hacking

The Growth Hacking Masterclass

Become a true growth hacking master. 

Growth Hacking Fundamentals Course

Learn the growth hacking fundamentals and process. 

Growth Hacks

The '30 Growth Hacks' Series: Season 2

30 new, premium growth hacks with quick step-by-step explanation videos.

The '30 Growth Hacks' Series: Season 1

30 premium growth hacks with quick step-by-step explanation videos.

The '30 Growth Hacks' Series: Free Edition

30 free growth hacks with quick step-by-step explanation videos.

101 Ways to Grow Your Startup

The essential handbook for modern marketers and entrepreneurs

Lean Courses

The Lean Branding & Design Course

Design all your brand elements and marketing material without paying for an agency or designer.

The Lean Web Scraping Course

Scrape data from any website, without coding and without any paid tools.

New-Age Digital Marketing

100+ Digital Marketing Checklists & Cheatsheets

The Ultimate Collection Of Content Marketing Checklists

The SEO Hacking Course

Dominate search engine rankings with my top SEO hacks.

Life & Productivity

Life Academy: Key Concepts for a Better Life

Key concepts for self-improvement and personal development

Productivity & Digital Minimalism

Improve your life & work productivity using digital minimalism.

Learn Growth Hacking in French

Les Bases Du Growth Hacking

Apprends les principes fondamentaux et les meilleures techniques du growth hacking.

25 Workflows de Growth Hacking

Découvre 25 growth hacks éprouvés, qui s'appliquent autant en B2B qu'en B2C.

From the community

Much appreciation for Rishabh Dev. I was blown away with the digital minimalism program and reading up on the fundamentals of growth hacking to get the foundational knowledge of this awesome practice. My next target is the unicorn growth hacking masterclass 😍 I cannot wait until I complete all of the courses provided by Mapplinks Academy 😊🤩🤗
Joyce Valenzuela